Longines Swiss Replica Watches Game, set & watch at Roland-Garros

— The champions at the second Grand Slam of the 2014 Replica Watches For Sale tennis season will be decided this weekend. But Rolex Replica watches have already been the talk of the town in Paris – and Longines invaded the Eiffel Tower.

Longines Roland-Garros La Monf  © FFT

Roland Garros – also known as the French Open – is the biggest clay court tennis tournament in the world and one of the four Grand Slam events that have been the pillars of the sport for more than a century. This weekend will determine who will be this year’s champions, with the women’s singles final (Maris Sharapova vs Simona Halep) today and the men’s tomorrow; how long those finals will last no-one knows, but they will be timed by Longines – the Swatch Group brand that has been the official timekeeper of the tournament since 2007.


French Open: Longines clocks on-court to keep the hour and time the duration of the matches at Roland-Garros.

But does time really matter in tennis, since the scoring system theoretically allows a match to go on forever? Momentum is actually more important, yet there has been a timing controversy in the past few days: the only time limits in tennis are the ones in changeovers (1min.30) and between points (20s); Rafael Nadal, notorious for his elaborate routines before serving, received time violations for surpassing the allowed 20 seconds in his matches versus Dominic Thiem and Leonardo Mayer – voicing his frustration, even though he is one of the players that actually wear a watch on court (the Richard Mille RM27-01 Tourbillon Fake Watches UK).



Longines Replica Watches also set up a service radar booth at Roland garros to allow the fans to measure the speed of their serves.
© © Miguel Seabra/Espiral do Tempo

“The best thing would be to have countdown clock on the court”, the Spanish champion grumbled. “That would allow us to know how many seconds we have left before serving!”.  Rafael Nadal feels that he is being targeted by the ‘anti slow-play brigade’ that has reduced the allowed time from 25 seconds to 20 seconds and strictly enforces the rule in his matches.  There have been debates among officials whether adding a countdown clock would be a good idea. That would be a third clock on court, along with the existing two.
Official Timekeeper and a new Cheap Replica Watches

As official timekeeper of Roland-Garros, Longines has clocks keeping the time of day and the duration of each match that are not only visible in the corners of the main stadiums (Court Philippe Chatrier and Court Suzanne Lenglen) but also throughout the premises. The silhouette of the analogue clock on display is recognizable, from the Master collection. Yet the star is the Conquest Classic, the range exclusively comprised of models fitted with mechanical calibres that the Saint-Imier brand has been promoting in the context of the tournament. Actually, the Conquest Classic collection was launched last year precisely at Roland Garros.



Longines is using Roland-Garros to promote its new Conquest Classic line to clients and the media.
© Longines

Beyond the mere sponsorship and the eulogy of the Conquest Classic, Longines’ dedication to tennis also includes an interesting programme promoting young players under 13 years old, the final stage of which is played in Paris during Roland Garros: the Longines Future Tennis Aces. Just like in the previous years, sixteen youngsters were brought from all over the world to have the opportunity not only to play on the French clay but also on a venue spectacularly set in the heart of Paris. Last year, it was right in front of the City Hall; this year, a court was built in the Champ de Mars, with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop.


Longines-Future-Tennis-Aces .jpg

The young participants in the Longines Future Tennis Aces shaped up their game at the Longines Academy before their tournament held at Champ de Mars.
© Longines

The field was selected with the help of the tennis federations of their respective countries (Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong-Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, U.K. and USA) and both the winner, Italy’s Federica Rossi, and the runner-up, Russia’s Daria Frayman, received an annual bursary of 2,000 USD to pay for their sports equipment until their sixteenth birthday.

Longines’ association with tennis is also highlighted by the brand’s partnership with two of the greatest tennis champions ever, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, married to each other and both engaged in philanthropic missions supported by Longines – the Andre Agassi Foundation (to assist the youth of Las Vegas and provide them educational opportunities, including a public school for at-risk children) and Children for Tomorrow (helping children and families that have suffered the trauma of war, exile and violence).


Longines Roland-Garros-conquest-classic

© Longines Replica Watches UK

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Roger Dubuis Double Recognition for Roger Dubuis

— The Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon with Hand-made Guilloché has been awarded with the “Temporis Watch of the Year 2014”, and Mr Roger Dubuis is now part of the “Temporis Hall of Fame”.

Roger Dubuis and Dan Vardie at Temporis Gala Awards © Roger Dubuis

The 3rd Edition of the Temporis Gala Awards is the only event in Romania and Central Eastern Europe dedicated to genuine watches and to the famous people in Haute Horlogerie. Since 2012, Temporis Magazine – the leading Romanian watch magazine – organizes this event that includes 11 Prizes in 11 categories.

Dan Vardie, founder of Temporis, has also established the “Temporis Hall of Fame”: a unique gallery gathering the most important master watchmakers, inventors and designers of Haute Horlogerie.

This year, Mr. Roger Dubuis has been honored a place in the “Temporis Hall of Fame” alongside Philippe Dufour and Carole Forestier Kasapi.

“This gallery was created as a tribute to the genius of the people who dedicated their life to developing complications for watches and other Haute Horlogerie new developments,” said Dan Vardie.” From this perspective, Mr. Dubuis is a landmark in the world of watchmaking and has his rightful place in the “Temporis Hall of Fame”.

In response Mr. Roger Dubuis said: “I am incredibly honored to become a part of the “Temporis Hall of Fame”, alongside watchmakers of legend that I truly admire myself. I would like to personally thank Mr. Vardie, Temporis and everyone that worked hard long hours, supported me and our Manufacture, but most of all shared the same passion for fine watchmaking as I do.”

During the Gala, Mr Dubuis collected a second award this time for the  Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon with Hand-made Guilloché in pink gold. This exceptional timepiece, revealed in January 2014, won the “Temporis Watch of the Year 2014” award.



Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon with Hand-made Guilloché.
© Roger Dubuis
The Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon with Hand-made Guilloché highlights the traditional art of guilloché embodying an audacious combination of traditional and modern craftsmanship, driven by the innovative new RD100 movement.

Carl F. Bucherer Exclusive laser signature

— To enhance its protection against counterfeiting, Carl F. Bucherer is implementing the innovative CLR-LIGA technology, which uses nanostructuring of individual components of the movement to ensure clear and simple authentication.

Carl F. Bucherer Manero Power Reserve

Carl F. Bucherer’s watches are the issue of a long tradition during which knowledge and skills in the crafts of watchmaking and jewelry-making were continually extended. The experience and development accumulated over more than 125 years go into each and every watch, making it an exemplar of watchmaking art rich in tradition. Our task now is to protect this heritage and to guarantee that the name of Carl F. Bucherer continues to exemplify the best quality. For this reason, protection against counterfeits that illegally display the name of Carl F. Bucherer has become essential. In future, the innovative CLR-LIGA laser technology will enable clear authentication of originals, unequivocally and at a glance.


Cutting-edge technology on the smallest scale

The Swiss company Mimotec SA, of Sion, has developed a new type of technology for certifying original products with an individual laser signature. Named CLR-LIGA, this technology provides even the smallest components with a diffractive surface structure that reflects light in the form of a unique signature. A complex 4-stage process of structural calculation, nanostructuring, photolithography and galvanization makes it impossible for counterfeiters to copy the laser signature.


© Carl F. Bucherer


Furthermore, this new technology stands out sharply against other methods of certifying original products. Unlike certificate cards or QR codes, authentication by CLR-LIGA technology needs no complex database of identification numbers, but can be recognized quickly and easily with a simple scanning device. Furthermore, the laser signature is actually integrated into the product, making unequivocal authentication possible even decades later, independently of technical systems.


Signed for eternity

Carl F. Bucherer places the highest value on the protection of its technical achievements, which are crucial to the company’s success. For example, the exceptional Manufacture caliber CFB A1000 with automatic winding is not only an example of outstanding watchmaking technology, but also an expression of the company’s philosophy, which continually forges ahead with progressive, ground-breaking developments. Carl F. Bucherer decided to implement CLR-LIGA technology to keep its own creations, which are invariably of the highest quality, clearly distinct from counterfeits and to make it even easier to tell the difference. The first model presented with an integral laser signature showing the Carl F. Bucherer logo is the Manero PowerReserve. From 2014, all other models powered by the CFB A1000 caliber will bear the detailed laser signature, unmistakably identifying them as original models from Carl F. Bucherer. It is not merely the signature of the brand name, but also the certificate of touchstone quality, innovation and design.