Corum Golden Bridge

— In its high jewelry version the Golden Bridge appears dressed in blue sapphires and white diamonds.

Corum Golden Bridge B113/02060-113.273.69/0F03 GR43G

The Golden Bridge features various shades of blue sapphires and white diamonds. The stones shimmer and sparkle across the dial, bezel, lugs and case middle, designing an undulating motif that extends around the wrist in the version with a full-pavé bracelet. This model stages no less than 546 blue baguette-cut sapphires (approx. 20.63 cts) and 478 baguette-cut diamonds (approx. 14.01 cts). The version with a blue crocodile leather strap  – secured by a buckle set with 26 round diamonds (0.31 cts) – offers 360 sapphires (approx. 15.18 cts) and 10 diamonds (approx. 0.29 cts).

Corum Golden Bridge B113/02060-113.273.69/0F03 GR43G

Golden Bridge B113/02060. © Corum

Reinventing the art of invisible setting

The gemsetting on the Golden Bridge requires skilled fingers, considerable experience, infallible precision as well as a keen eye. The first challenge lies in selecting the stones that will not only need to be extremely pure, but also able to fit seamlessly together. Size, cut, shape and color: everything must contribute to perfect harmony, since even the slightest wrong note would be immediately noticeable. In performing this delicate task, the artisan must rely solely on his experience and his trained eye. Once the stones have been selected, the gold surfaces of the Golden Bridge are meticulously prepared for the gemsetting.

The case and bracelet are set according to the classic invisible setting technique. Yet Corum had to reinterpret this demanding art when it came time to pave the dial, in order to avoid the smallest gems getting broken. Thus, the dial was first mounted upside down on a transparent plate, before meticulously pouring a silver-based alloy over the structure. By seeping into the tiny gaps between the stones, the matter thereby solidly holds together the stones. The latter, having thus fused to become a plate, could then be removed from the transparent backing, before being fitted on the white gold dial. It is at this precise moment that the magic of the invisible setting exerts the full force of its fascination, since the underlying metal structure completely vanishes to unleash the spectacular radiance of the sapphires and diamonds.

Corum Golden Bridge B113/02060-113.273.69/0F03 GR43G

© Corum

Caliber CO 11

The Golden Bridge houses Caliber CO 113. This linear caliber is capable of fitting inside both the tonneau-shaped case of the Golden Bridge (35 x 51.2 mm) and the more diminutive frame of Miss Golden Bridge (23.3 x 44.26 mm). It is a descendant of the first baguette movement in history created by Corum in 1980. A caliber that has become icon thanks to its vertical construction along a vertical axis – a design that makes the transmission of energy a true challenge.

Caliber CO 113 is extended by the 6 o’clock crown aligned with its vertical axis. An ingenious slipping-spring winding system serves to prevent any risk of forcing the mechanism, while a coupling clutch has been specially developed to dissociate winding from time-setting by means of a construction featuring wheels and pinions mounted between the mainplate and bridge.

The ultra-precise Caliber CO 113 is equipped with a variable-inertia balance ensuring impressive long-term regularity, rather than a classic index system. Further strengthening its performance, it is fitted with two visible bridge pillars that enhance its resistance and rigidity. Though complex, Caliber CO 113 remains aesthetic. Its 18K gold upper bridge bears the hand-engraved Corum signature, along with slender undulating motifs representing the three types of fern growing in the forests around La Chaux-de-Fonds, where Corum was born. The four sapphire crystals forming the watch glass, back and middle provide 360° views of the mechanism beating at a frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations/hour) and endowed with a 40-hour power reserve.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 ultra-thin movement

If one kind of system tables are only a few watchmakers art can really grasp, it must be a timekeeping device, which is recognized as the most difficult to master replica Rolex watchmaking skills in complex processes. 200 years, SOLITAIRE Vacheron Constantin continue to create such a fine masterpiece.

Today, Vacheron Constantin launched Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 ultra-thin movement , engraved with the prestigious Geneva Seal, once again set a new milestone. This exquisite watch is not only equipped with sophisticated timekeeping devices, while overcome technical difficulties, creating the thinnest on the market movement and the thinnest of the three asked three questions Replica Watches UK. Movement thickness of only 3.90 mm, and the movement of the watch is equipped with a thickness of only 8.09 mm, both the exquisite art of watchmaking to the extreme.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
First a repeater wristwatch was born in the 18th century, because of the advent of electric lighting yet, people need to rely on timekeeping know at night time. Today, in spite of three repeater watch is no longer a must-have feature, it is still a top symbol of the art of watchmaking. Because each one is unique miniature asked the table, each one carrying the watchmakers unique imprint.

Each one has its own watch the rhythm of life, Naruto played upon his own music, often chime sound, as if reciting a passage time of elegance and Music. Watch three questions may need to set alarms at the whole point, the whole moment and minutes. Edge of the dial to the time slider is the case with the main complex device only exposed part of the flick the slider, a hammer spring herald the whole bass sounded when the two were percussion hammer spring herald the treble and bass the whole moment, the last minute by the treble spring herald.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
Inheritance professional skills and superior quality

Vacheron Constantin is not only built on top of historical heritage, but also to world-renowned luxury watch compose a real, enduring hymn. In 1810, Vacheron Constantin created the brand’s first three questions a pocket watch. The ensuing decades, Vacheron Constantin tirelessly to make timekeeping device into complex functions which, every time was the most successful to create a work of exquisite watches.

If 1929 was the king of Egypt King Fouad and in 1935 his son King Farouk customized watch, elegant, immortal. In 1941, Vacheron Constantin launched the first single-complicated watches, using three questions form shape design is equipped with 4261 movement. Since then, the constant pursuit of Vacheron Constantin ultimate slim tabulation realm and beyond the limit again in 1992, to create a 1755 movement, the thickness of only 3.28 mm movement of the three asked the exquisite watchmaking skills into unprecedented heights.

Today, in order to show that numerous efforts devoted watchmakers legendary skills, Vacheron Constantin classics from previous works inspired by the 1731 launch of a new movement, founder of the brand to commemorate the birthday of Jean-Marc Vacheron Year.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
1731 movement, the cohesion of craftsmanship as innovation

In 2009, Vacheron Constantin determined to create a blend slim shape, pure sound quality and aesthetic appeal of the reliability and durability of the three asked the table, which lasted four years before they finally completed this complex work. 1731 new movement thickness of 3.90 mm, with up to 65 hours of power storage, launched in 1993, more than 3.28 mm caliber slightly thicker, but it is the slimmest on the market three questions movement, successfully tackled assembly and tuning parts of this extremely slim technical difficulties. Superb technology is not only reflected in the movement’s own slim, 1731 comes with an extremely clever movement device – flight timekeeping governor by Vacheron Constantin in 2007 for the three series of the 2755 movement, the movement asked specifically developed. With traditional lever governor is different is that this governor is completely silent.

Governor function is to stabilize the hammer percussion sound spring rate. If the lack of regulator or governor, Panasonic will follow the order of frequency drum clockwork percussion sound out, only to produce rapid and difficult to identify the scale. Vacheron Constantin manufacture flight governor inertia block or two from the weight composition, as governor rotation axis brake to balance the three asked watch cylindrical spring energy released. To achieve this functionality, the brake with the centrifugal and centripetal forces.

When the governor rotates, centrifugal force weights at one end of the center outwards, and the other end of the pressure in the rotary shaft, so that the rotational speed is more stable, more stable timekeeping rhythm. Governor nuances have been carefully polished modification, engraved with the brand logo ” Maltese Cross “logo, but the logo can not be seen from the front of the movement.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
Pursuit to perfect harmony phonological

Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 watchmakers ultra-thin movement embodies the best sound quality for the pursuit invested a lot of effort, because the sound quality is the key to success timekeeping watches. Vacheron Constantin attempts through various processes to create clear and melodious music. Gongs connected not only to the central case in order to amplify the sound, and the first top of each other rather than sequentially arranged.

Case and movement integration, cleverly taken into account in the design of the mechanical and the case airflow between other small parameters, so that to achieve the best sound propagation effects. Vacheron Constantin, the pursuit of perfection did not stop there – the case itself does not have any seams, all components interoperate, metal bit accurate docking, thereby expanding the amplitude of the sound while flying governor will ensure that the hammer to knock a steady rate strike gongs.

Each watchmakers took several months for him to assembly and commissioning of the three asked the watch into their own music, but the sound to go through the movement Vacheron timekeeping device expert sensitive ears listen, but also to go through a few fine-tuning procedures to ensure high bass in perfect harmony. Tests carried out in the morning 4:49 am sharp, the whole point of this time (sounded four times), the whole moment (sounded three times) and minutes (sounded four times) at intervals almost the same, and therefore the most rhythm at this time clear.

The real question form where the soul, that is unique to each watch sounds, in the factory will be recorded and carefully preserved, thereby carved Vacheron Constantin watches hall in a “sound marks.” This process not only ensures all Vacheron Constantin watches – whether historical or contemporary works before – provide lifelong maintenance, and to ensure that any one with three repeater function watch can be in the workshop restore its unique sound.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
Watchmakers handed down masterpiece

For a master watchmaker who participate in the production repeater watch is a supreme honor. This is an art that requires the hands of a genius, experience, infinite patience and truly understand the musical ear. Therefore, the master watchmaker timekeeping technology is a top elite circle.

In Vacheron Constantin, only in exceptional complex functions (Grandes Complication) watchmakers workshop work in order to create this stunning masterpiece. To enter this exclusive territory, they must have a watchmaker watchmaking workshop in another 15 years of work experience, even after working under the guidance of the master for two years.

Three repeater can be said that all the complex functions of the watch most fascinating, but it is also the most demanding requirements of art, it is because a lot of small parts must be assembled and patiently convergence settings even after repeated and adjust in order to achieve perfectly smooth running, producing absolutely pure sound. A watch requires three to six months time to assemble and adjust. Focus for watchmakers who are at any time essential quality, because rasp on the gongs will lead to a multi-zoned sound muddy.

Watchmaker who employ more than 1,200 pieces of tools to create such a complex mechanical devices. Many tools are manufactured by watchmakers themselves, while some of the tools used only once. Although the number of watchmaking tools to more amazing, but master of his ears are always the most advanced tools. Because watchmaker in the mixer during its own unique “imprint” branded on the watch, they asked for the three tables into a life.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
Uphold the noble traditions of Haute Horlogerie grinding process

The historic process so that the real work of all senior watch wristwatch thriving, while the 1731 is this classic craft movement representatives, each parts are polished by the patient, including not even get a glimpse of some components hidden. Movement motherboard using a circular grained polished, while the hammer is through mirror-polished to catch the light, or alternately to cover the dark outer layer in the form presented, thereby eliminating the fine grinding of the surface for any traces.

Meanwhile, plywood decorated with exquisite Geneva wave pattern, creating an elegant wave effect, adding to the sense of clever. Vacheron Constantin watchmaker skills are polished on all kinds of gains, a feat which need to go through 18 months of rigorous training to master. This art is called beveled or chamfered, is a specialized craft on angles in the 1731 movement seven splint can clearly see.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
The new ultra-thin movement and case, natural

Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 in the extreme ultra-thin movements convey the pure essence of classicism, the extraordinary complex under cover in minimalist appearance. This watch was inspired by 1955 as Ji Nianjiang Vacheron Constantin was founded two hundred anniversary of the creation of ultra-thin watches, followed in 2004 also received a new interpretation of the birth of a Patrimony Contemporaine 81180 watch.

Since then, the ultimate slim volume, goose egg shape, curved bezel, dial and arched table mirror, beads minute scale ring and stick hour markers in a triangle and alternating between swinging baton hands, make this watch a timeless classic. The new Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 ultra-thin movement remains true to its timeless design criteria, the case embodies the sophisticated and complex process, with the 1731 model movement seamless, while setting a double record: In the thinnest watch three questions (8.90 mm) embedded within the thinnest of the three asked caliber (3.90 mm). The center of the arc to highlight the case, and thus dilute the contours, sapphire crystal case back then sweeping demonstrate hammers, but also a glimpse of a rare gongs. The edge of the dial, select Vacheron Constantin placed in the 8 o’clock position extremely elegant eccentric small seconds, which in the Patrimony Contemporaine series, it is the first case: in a practical and clever way to make Patrimony Contemporaine 1731 ultra-thin movement fore.

江诗丹顿 Patrimony Contemporaine 1731超薄机芯
PATRIMONY CONTEMPORAINE 1731 ultra-thin movement Model: 30110/000R-9793, by the Geneva Seal certified.
Movement: Vacheron Constantin developed by the manufacturing 1731 model manual-winding mechanical movement, diameter 32.80 mm (14” ‘¼ lignes), thickness 3.90 mm, approximately 65 hours of power reserve, the vibration frequency 3 Hz (21,600 times per hour ), 265 parts, 36 jewels.
Display: hours, minutes, small seconds at 8:00 position, three repeater.
Case: 18K 5N pink gold, diameter 41 mm, thickness 8.09 mm, transparent sapphire crystal case back, not waterproof.
Dial: silver white, arched outer ring, 18K 5N pink gold hour markers and pearls minute scale.
Bracelet: Brown hand-sewn alligator strap square pattern Mississippi.
Clasp: 18K 5N pink gold clasp, polished half Maltese cross design.
Accessories: Resonators “La Musique du Temps (Time’s voice),” enhance the Vacheron Constantin minute repeater device sound resonance effect.

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Dark, “light” is not only the men and women who

A. Lange & Shne Lange Lange 1 Time Zone Lange 1 Time Zone Platinum Edition Replica Watches UK RMB394000 (from Wempe)

When the traditional world wrist watch different, it clearly reads the master time and region time, patents big time synchronization with the master calendar that can display the main time or the time of day and night display area. Hours, minutes, power reserve has luminous hands.

Blancpain Blancpain fifty fathoms new series of full calendar moon phase chronograph RMB191000 returned to profit and loss

Rolex replica Watch the traditional column-wheel movement is customary returned Chronograph and moon phase display the full calendar to make incisive interpretation. F185 movement moon phase full calendar function, to ensure the smooth operation of day and night watch, chronograph function from the vertical column-wheel operation.

Zenith , Jaeger LeCoultre , Hublot

Zenith Zenith Pilot Series “Type 20 aircraft,” two time zone watch RMB59000

Large Arabic numerals coated with white Super luminous paint. Broad black matte dial clearly bring out the satin black ruthenium metal super luminous paint pointer. Caseback engraved with a pattern of a medal and Bligh Rio aircraft “Montre d’AèronefType 20ZENITH Flying Instruments” words.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Vintage Chronograph Deep Sea Vintage Chronograph RMB94500

Black dial , hour markers and central minute hand, hour hand are coated with super warm orange fluorescent coating, reminiscent of 1959 MemovoxDeep Sea watch. Break time from the timer button chronograph with two measurements, and through the two are located in the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock hour and minute counter and a central seconds hand display.

Hublot Hublot King Power limited edition watch RMB177100 European Cup Poland

Made from titanium metal and ceramic, the red flag of Poland as the keynote. Watch on the football field tribute to the center 45 minutes timer embodies it specifically designed for the European Cup, red sapphire transfer red minute scale, anti-reflective treatment inside and outside. Satin brushed scale ruthenium coating coverage and the red phosphor coating.

Glashutte , Harry Winston, Jaquet Droz

Glashütte Original Glashütte pilot series World Time watch RMB81000

Shape and 20th century style retro series watch line. Case has a rotatable world city names marked with rings, can easily define a different time zone. Size large time scale provides an ideal readability, Glashutte proud big calendar window at 6 o’clock, so you have complete control over the overall situation. 21K gold hollow pendulum mound, gooseneck tuning device and fine sanding Glashütte 3/4 plywood, reflecting Glashütte watchmaking excellence.

Harry Winston Harry Winston Ocean Sport Chronograph Limited Edition RMB221200

Using the most advanced high-tech materials zirconium alloys, it lightweight, allergy, and harder than titanium, rotating bezel scale and an important symbol of Harry Winston brand arch crown cleverly designed shape echoes Paris embossed pattern nail is curved split dial background, highlighting timing dial at the top of the hollow;-hour dial chronograph dial located below the blue arrows clearly showing the hour and minute display. Limited edition of 300.

Jaquet Droz Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde SW watch RMB132000

Black ceramic as Grande SecondeSW Steel – Ceramic watch bezel material, each groove engraving are called technical challenges. Ceramic uniform fine black luster and shine of stainless steel side by side. Carefully polished stainless steel, highlighting the dial, small dial and Super-LumiNova luminous coating pointer minimalist design.

Tudor , Boer , U-Boat

Tudor, Pelagos watch RMB 39800

42 mm diameter case, case entirely apart from titanium metal building, and after grinding treatment, creating a unique luster and rugged appearance, the case with helium valve, which helps minimize pressure to avoid damage to the Omega Replica watch, clear lines of the case next to engrave “GASESCAPE VA LV E “word. Matt black ceramic ring and luminous numbers word unidirectional rotating bezel, more watch a lot more lively. The cleverly designed with the outer ring, allowing the operator easier apart, easier reading.

Ball Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon series space Executive Bi Nigerian Model watch RMB24350

This watch with three-pin, week and date display, watch through 7,500 Gs shock test, adapt to different environments to wear, it is worth mentioning that 29 micro gas light emitting from the body, and the pointer is placed on the surface for easy night reading when the diameter of 41.5 mm stainless steel case , the thickness of only 16.1 mm, not too restrictive wrist activity. Watch with stainless steel strap , strap width narrowing, comes with a patented “folding” clasp and “extended system” easy to wear.

U-BOAT U-4 2 automatic and chronometer RMB63000

While this limited edition 999 watch case back, case and frames are titanium metal material, feel very comfortable to wear. Details of the table back by the 6 six-angle screws on the case. Bidirectional rotating frame by the right lever locking case. Rotating frame encapsulated by the three screws on the back shell; in your maintenance and cleaning operations, simply remove three screws, remove the border will not affect the watch waterproof performance. Huge numbers and pointers masculine, tough, and U-BOAT style the same strain, addictive.

Tissot , Victorinox, Bell & Ross

The Tissot Starfish Diving 1000 Series Professional Limited Edition Watch RMB15450

Inspired by the vast expanse of deep, 48 mm eye-catching oversized round dial, like a bright light up in front of the eye; counterclockwise unidirectional rotating bezel used for the wearer diver into the deep ocean provide security; T word seconds and 12 hours, respectively, to dark blue luminous coating scale display, underwater reading is accurate and clear; automatic helium valve settings, even in the 300 meters deep, it is also easily withstand 30 atmospheric pressure. Transparent table is stamped with a limited number patterns and the hippocampus, the world’s limited edition 1000.

Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Army Night Vision Watch RMB4700

Night Vision watch was introduced in 2003, because of its low power consumption LED lighting system is named, the new design will be an extension of the lighting device into the case, when clicked real blue LED illuminates the dial, the time display is clearly visible. Double-click the beam emitted when the LED lights. Tap three times you can start the flash mode, a flashing signal, and then press the button tight, high-density flash signal is converted to become an emergency rescue tool.

Bell & Ross watches RMB26700 BRVintage Phantom

Reshaped the 1940 pilots for the first time wearing a watch classic style. Black dial with black scale, pointer, black rubber strap echoes, case shape and design is very retro with identifiability means that the scale pointer with a fluorescent coating, the night is still legible, satin polished case, the dome sapphire crystal watch re-interpretation of the classic style and spirit.

Panerai , TAG Heuer , Athens

Panerai, 45 mm on the 8th power reserve ceramic watch RMB107200

Pillow-shaped ceramic case iconic sandwich sandwich construction of the dial, with DLC (diamond carbon) coated titanium metal clasp buffalo leather strap, both with black designs. All symbolic elements on the dial, including large numbers and hour markers, pointers, and 9 o’clock positions on the small seconds, date window and the linear power reserve indicator, are coated with a layer of special light brown Super-LumiNova luminous materials.

TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500 meters Cal. 16 Chronograph RMB32600

Aquaracer Calibre 16 Chronograph designed for underwater movement was born, and it has 300 meters water depth, ensure the safety of the bracelet with diving extension, the 12 o’clock position on the bezel with superluminova fluorescent dots, to further improve readable performance. Delicate texture dial with silver inlay edge timing disk to create a pleasing, elegant visual effect. Only reflect the elegance, but also an adventurous spirit.

Ulysse Nardin Athens Black Sea sailing diving watch RMB85000

Designed for water sports enthusiasts and design, equipped with self-winding movement with 42 hours power reserve display, super large size second hand and date window display. Specially treated stainless steel watch case, after the curing process, so that the surface covered with matte black rubber coating. Time scale, hour and minute hands are made of yellow luminous materials, time legible. Twelve o’clock position with power reserve display, waterproof 200 meters.

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TAG Heuer Wheels, Women & Replica Watches UK

— Rush is probably the best movie ever on motorsports. But there’s more beyond James Hunt and Niki Lauda’s rivalry: sociological implications, style statements and, of course, a delicious watch tale.

Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt in Rush © Rush/Jaap Buitendijk

I must confess to having been a bit worried about how such a glorious era in motorsports would be portrayed by an American, knowing that the appeal of Formula 1 isn’t quite the same in the United States, but it has to be said that two-time Academy Award winning director Ron Howard got it right – with the help of Academy Award winner screenwriter Peter Morgan. Rush is indeed a gripping ride filled with roaring thrills and pedal-to-the-metal action, yet a movie made not just for the petrolheads.

Two very different characters, two champions at heart: Rush portrays a rivalry for the ages. © DR

Two very different characters, two champions at heart: Rush portrays a rivalry for the ages. © DR

Yes, there are a few clichés on display and, while the narrative exacerbates the animosity between the flamboyant British playboy James Hunt (played by Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth) and the methodical Austrian scrambler Niki Lauda (Germany’s Daniel Brühl), the rivalry was actually friendlier and both even shared a London apartment early on in their careers.

Niki Lauda and James Hunt actually got along much better in real life. © DR

Niki Lauda and James Hunt actually got along much better in real life. © DR © DR

Nevertheless, the outcome is more between movie and documentary than one would expect from a Hollywood product. Many aspects and details of the plot that I thought overplayed or romanticized were actually true, as was confirmed by my veteran colleagues from the Formula 1 media. In the end, the 70 million euro independent movie might well be one of the best (if not the best) ever on motorsports. Even the real Niki Lauda, who served as a consultant, disclosed that when he first saw the completed film he exclaimed “shit, that’s really me!” That says a lot about the evident accuracy and attention to the detail seen on the screen.

The Heuer crest was omnipresent in Formula 1 in those years, especially at Ferrari. © Rush/Jaap Buitendijk

The Heuer crest was omnipresent in Formula 1 in those years, especially at Ferrari. © Rush/Jaap Buitendijk

Funnily enough, the biggest historical mistake has to do with watches – only captured by true connoisseurs. It ends up being a delicious anecdote that contributes to the legend that will be built around Rush – in much the same way that a small imperfection on a vintage watch series makes those timepieces even more desirable to collectors. Here are a few findings and conclusions that I find worth mentioning, from watches to the metaphor(s) behind the Hunt-Lauda rivalry:

The timepieces

Yes, if you noticed it you are a true aficionado: on the screen, Niki Lauda actually wears the Silverstone while James Hunt boasts the gold Carrera… when it should be the other way around! In the 1970s, Heuer (let’s not forget it only became TAG Heuer in 1985) had a close partnership with Ferrari and all Scuderia drivers wore Heuer timepieces as a part of the deal, more specifically all-gold Carreras with the respective name and blood group engraved on the back – and Niki Lauda should be the one with the flashy Carrera, whereas James Hunt was supposed to wear another Heuer chronograph, like many other drivers at the time. The timepieces used by both actors are originals provided by TAG Heuer, but somehow there was a mix-up. Probably someone in the production team felt instinctively that the gold Carrera should be worn by Hunt because it apparently better fits his golden looks; Lauda’s original gold Carrera was actually stolen.

The all-gold Carrera Chronograph from 1974; actor Chris Hemsworth wearing in a Gucci jacket. © TAG Heuer/Jaap Buitendijk

The all-gold Carrera Chronograph from 1974; actor Chris Hemsworth wearing in a Gucci jacket. © TAG Heuer/Jaap Buitendijk

I have interviewed Jack Heuer so many times since he returned to TAG Heuer as honorary president that I have lost count and, each time we have discussed his favourite timepiece in the brand’s history: that specific gold Carrera model (that he personally handed to the Ferrari drivers) always comes out on top for emotional reasons. Ironically, its case format has a slightly cushion-shaped architecture that is somewhat closer to the typical Autavia design than to the popularised Carrera design that has been used in contemporary re-editions and re-interpretations.

The 2010 Silverstone re-edition; actor Daniel Brühl wearing Carrera sunglasses. © TAG Heuer/Jaap Buitendijk

The 2010 Silverstone re-edition; actor Daniel Brühl wearing Carrera sunglasses. © TAG Heuer/Jaap Buitendijk

The Silverstone was created in 1974 as an answer to those who kept saying the Monaco was too angular: Jack Heuer picked up the square case, rounded the corners and… voilà! It was a part of the catalogue in blue, brown and red versions until 1977. In 2010, TAG Heuer re-edited the Silverstone in two limited runs (blue or brown) of 1860 pieces each with the inscription ‘150th Anniversary 1860-2010’ engraved on the back – but it is internally viewed as the brand’s biggest commercial failure, since many are still in store windows waiting to be sold; it was a misunderstood product and I would advise anyone to go and get one of those (as I did). Additionally, TAG Heuer also reissued that year a unique piece in red with Jack Heuer’s signature on the dial destined for the Heuer Haslinger Collection auction.

The 1970s rock!

A big part of the Silverstone appeal has to do with the fact that it features a typical 1970s design. And the colourful 1970s are definitely in, not only musically (take Daft Punk’s megahit Get Lucky) but especially on the watch scene: many of the best re-editions currently available are from that decade, from Eterna’s Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 to Vulcain’s Nautical Seventies – besides most of TAG Heuer’s, including the Autavia and Monaco (though introduced in 1969).

The original red Silverstone on the wrist of collector Arno Haslinger at the Haslinger Auction. © Miguel Seabra/Espiral do Tempo

The original red Silverstone on the wrist of collector Arno Haslinger at the Haslinger Auction. © Miguel Seabra/Espiral do Tempo

In ‘Rush, you can pick any random walk-on or extra and find he or she is accurately outfitted in 1970s style. Likewise, the Hunt and Lauda characters are of course dressed accordingly – Chris Hemsworth boasting wide lapels and velvet jackets specifically made by Gucci, while Daniel Brühl’s attire was fashioned by Salvatore Ferragamo. And both wear Carrera sunglasses.

TAG Heuer endorsement

TAG Heuer had already heard that a movie on the world of Formula 1 was being prepared when the producers of Rush contacted the brand early in 2012. An agreement was formalised and by the time director Ron Howard attended the Monaco Grand Prix (sponsored by TAG Heuer) in May, it was already a lock. Through the TAG Heuer Museum, the brand provided a list of 10 items comprised of four stopwatches and six wrist chronographs (the gold Carrera and the blue Silverstone, plus a brown Silverstone, a Monaco, a Manhattan and a Chronosplit Ferrari), besides technical collaboration for the original timekeeping used back then.

Under the supervision of Jack Heuer, Niki Lauda signs his Heuer endorsement with teammate Clay Regazzoni by his side. © TAG Heuer

Under the supervision of Jack Heuer, Niki Lauda signs his Heuer endorsement with teammate Clay Regazzoni by his side. © TAG Heuer

During the filming, contacts were scarce but TAG Heuer began working on the promotion of the movie right after its release, especially after the first viewing in June: it was that good. And, on September 12th, the brand gathered Jack Heuer, Jacques Deschenaux (Formula 1 journalist), Philippe Seifert (son of Jo Siffert, the first Formula 1 driver sponsored by the brand), Alessia Regazzoni (daughter of Clay Regazzoni, another ambassador) and Jean Campiche (responsible for the timekeeping teams) for a private screening. All were blown away by the quality and the attention to detail.

Sign of the times

The movie shows clearly how Formula 1 has evolved in the past 35 years, since the terrifying Niki Lauda accident at the Nürburgring that spiced up the rivalry with James Hunt and prompted his miraculous comeback. The biggest difference between now and then? In the 1970s, driving was dangerous and sex was safe – yes, it is true that the Brit had his racing suit embroidered with the motto ‘Sex, Breakfast of Champions’ was and it was said he had 5,000 lovers! Now, sex is dangerous and driving is, according to many, too safe. Drivers used to be an eccentric bunch who partied hard; these days they are an elite group of highly paid professionals whose life is so intensely scrutinised by media and sponsors they can’t afford controversy.

On the charming playboy’s chest: ‘Sex, Breakfast of Champions’. James Hunt lived life in the fast lane.  © DR

On the charming playboy’s chest: ‘Sex, Breakfast of Champions’. James Hunt lived life in the fast lane. © DR

Jack Heuer once described me the real difference between eras: “A racing driver in the 70s always had one foot on the grave; therefore he didn’t know on Saturday night whether on Sunday night he would be celebrating a victory or dead; they didn’t know, so they lived more intensely than the drivers today, they were stronger personalities, they were truer and more original people. All athletes today have an entourage, a fitness trainer, a beautiful girlfriend or a model as a wife – it’s a part of the status”.

Sociological ethos

More than anything else, what struck me in the clichéd Hunt-Lauda rivalry (inspiration vs discipline, partyboy vs scientist) as exacerbated in the movie was the sociological clash between the amateur spirit and the professional approach. The 1970s defined the changing values that foreshadowed the end of the amateur era and the rise of professionalism – and that transition was embodied by James ‘The Shunt’ and Niki ‘The Rat’: their final dialogue is an ambivalent moral lesson. Don’t miss it!

The all-gold Carrera on a leather strap: Jack Heuer’s favorite timepiece in TAG Heuer’s history. © Miguel Seabra/Espiral do Tempo

The all-gold Carrera on a leather strap: Jack Heuer’s favorite timepiece in TAG Heuer’s history. © Miguel Seabra/Espiral do Tempo