Fukushima, Japan, Germany, Glashütte support youth

11 March 2011, 14:46 local time in Japan, northeastern Japan Sea Richter 9.0 earthquake and tsunami, causing heavy casualties and property losses. Miyagi Prefecture earthquake epicenter was located east of the Pacific Ocean, focal depth 20 km. Tokyo has strongly felt. Earthquake triggered a tsunami resulting Fukushima Daiichi cooling system is not working properly triggering a nuclear accident. This leads to a large area of nuclear leakage, the local chaos and once we became a dare set foot in the area.
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Today, after completing a period of recovery and reconstruction, this place gradually began to recover a previous life. According to watch the House know, from Germany’s famous clock watch brand Glashütte recently visited here and Miyagi Prefecture on secondary school teachers and students conducted in-depth exchanges, this cross international concern and condolences lasted ten days.

In the care and understanding of the local kids at the same time, the brand is to introduce them to the status of young people in Germany and the German, the event had already been realized for two years, but from the eyes of these children we are still able to feel all year .

The event also became friendly relations between Japan and Germany ties, ten days in which to get along, the local students in their own country traditions table speech to greet guests from afar, the scene is very lively.

Hautlence Save the dates

— This fall, Hautence will take part in Inside Basel. Geneva 2013 and the SIAR.

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Hautlence will be taking part in the 8th edition of Inside Basel. Geneva 2013, organised by Jeff Kingston and Watchtime magazine. The event will take place at The Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows in Los Angeles on September 27th and will host prestigious brands and collectors for a special evening.

The following week, the Neuchâtel-born brand will fly to Mexico to take part for the fourth consecutive time in the SIAR (Salón Internacional Alta Relojería) that will run from October 1st to 3rd at the Four Seasons Hotel. There, Hautlence is to unveil the first model in its brand-new HLRQ line. Round and above all more athletic and powerful than its predecessors – the HLQ and HLQ Classic models – , HLRQ 01 features something of their classicism, combined with the modern touch and sophisticated nature of the AVANT-GARDE watch family to which it is the latest addition.

Glashütte watchmaking industry future star cast

According to Omega Replica watch the House know, last August Glashütte brand ushered in 28 young system table division, they were specifically set up Alfred Helwig School learning and training. Of the 28 people with 14 people to learn watchmaking craft, the other four will need to master the production of knowledge and skills.

People in the spiritual world gradually pursuit of today, more people like and love the art of luxury fake watch this door, so that it also contributed to a revival of the industry, so that the watchmaker has become the major brands have competition for the meat and potatoes, can be seen from the data trained watchmaker’s future is again bright.

Many large brand took a fancy to it, its pains to dig scarce watchmaking talent not graph a longer-term plan is to train themselves their own professional preparers. One of the famous German brand Glashütte is a forward-looking vision to see this, and to implement them. In recent years, we can see its remarkable achievements.

In just the construction of watchmaking school when mere possession 12 apprentices, but now the size has doubled, showing that the prospects for this industry is still very great.

Of course, the scale of the increase toward training, recruitment of these apprentices will be more rich ways, such as from Germany and other popular schools around the way. Enrollment more cities are Hamburg, Rhineland and Baden – Wuerttemberg.

In order to provide students with the best practical operation experience, professional organizations Alfred Helwig used are all top-notch equipment and materials, theory course is to hire a leading industry professional explanations, it can be said the cost of education is under the foot work.

I believe in the near future, where the apprentice can certainly by virtue of their own efforts to become a new generation of fake Omega watchmakers.

Titoni Master Series Men Watch large table diameter

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